Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things.

The greatest threat facing American Liberty today is socialism. The push for centralized power over the rights of people by the extreme left is undeniable. Therefore it is incumbent upon us to enact laws that make the socialist takeover of America hard if not impossible. To that mandate, I present the following issues facing America and where I stand on those issues. 

America should be a government for the people, by the people, and of the people. Therefore anytime money is to flow from the public treasure to the people, I  believe it should go directly to the people. Let’s subsidize the individual not organizations.

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1st Amendment
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Religion – The Christian religion is under attack in America. The socialist position on religion can easily be summed up with this quote from Lenin “Atheism is a natural and inseparable part of Marxism, of the theory and practice of scientific socialism.” The socialist left defines “establishment” as “encouraging” or “promoting” a religious thought instead of its true meaning of “mandating” or “forcing” a certain religion upon the people. They do this to intimidate people of faith in an effort to keep their faith inside the walls of a church building.

This stops now. Atheist and socialist have been at the forefront in the courts since 1963 promoting this false narrative. Now it is time for the trend to reverse. I will advance legislation to protect the right of free speech for all religious institutions. I will work to repeal the Johnson amendment, stop the removal of religious monuments that have no burden or coercion to the people, and end the bludgeoning hammer of tax exemption status over these 501c organizations by passing the fair tax.

I will fight for the free expression of religion for all people in all places.

Speech – The hecklers’ veto or counter-protest actions have become very pervasive in our nation. Groups like ANTIFA set out to silence any opposing view, often violently. There are a few issues that must be addressed here; do people have the right to speak publically without coercion, is all speech protected, and is there any privacy especially in political speech? The answer is sometimes.

If I, as a random person, show up in a public place and speak, than anyone else has the same right to stand right beside me and speak as well. If however, I show up at an event that has been given preferred status to speak, then I have the right to speak uninterrupted. Under no situation is violence or physical disruption a form of free speech.

Political donations and speech are classified as protected speech under the First Amendment. There is no constitutional requirement for the source of that speech to reveal itself. In today’s hyper-polarized political climate, Putting yourself out there can be dangerous. You are vulnerable to online harassment at best, and physical harm at worst. That’s why votes are kept private, charity donations can be made anonymously, and reporters enjoy the right to keep their sources anonymous, so why do we insist on political donors and registered voters being public record?

Our founding fathers knew the need for political anonymity, Hamilton, Madison, and Jay composed the Federalist Papers under the pseudonym Publius. The Supreme Court has continually confirmed this right of the 1st Amendment. In 1985 the SCOTUS ruled in NAACP vs Alabama that the State of Alabama could not publicize the membership rolls of the NAACP. They knew this would subject many African Americans to violence. Again in Citizens United, the court ruled for the privacy of the individual. Since conservative groups were targeted and persecuted by Lois Lerner and the IRS, the political climate has only become more toxic. Now is the time to protect peoples privacy, voter and donor rolls should be private.

Kendra Horn voted to limit political speech and expose what was ruled by the Supreme Court to be protected speech by voting for HR1. This was opposite of how all the other Oklahoma House members voted and against the popular opinion of the people in CD5. She continues to show she is unfit to hold the office representing CD5.

I will introduce the hecklers’ veto bill to criminalize the illegal actions of the suppression of free speech and extend that to anyone who pays other individuals to illegally heckle a speaker. I will further push for actions to take voter and donor records out of public access. There are many forms of election finance and reform that can be enacted, making people vulnerable to violence is not one of them.
2nd Amendment
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Gun control is not about controlling arms, it is about controlling people. “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” Sir Winston Churchill. Throughout history unarmed peasants have always been subjected to the tyranny of the armed. This is undeniable. Free people are armed people. I will adamantly support the right to bear arms.

Kendra Horn voted for gun control. She believes we can reduce the number of homicides by gun, which accounts for 0.4% of the deaths in America, by restricting honorable citizens rights to keep and bear arms. Yet she supports abortion which accounts for 24% of the deaths in America. That is hypocrisy.

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” That’s a little cowboy wisdom. The 2nd Amendment ain’t broke, so it doen’t need to be fixed. I will defend the 2nd Amendment and work to defeat any encroachment of it by those who want to take away your guns.
Averting National Bankruptcy
We can not spend our way out of debt. It is time we quit kicking the can down the road for our kids and grandkids to bear the burden of our runaway spending. We must have a national discussion, debate, and take action to balance the budget. I believe as an immediate step we must freeze spending where it is at. We don’t have to necessarily cut anything, but we must freeze spending where it is today. The following three graphs illustrate the fragile state our economic house is in. 
Deficit as a % of GDP
The rising trend line means we are moving in the wrong direction. We must make some hard choices and balance the budget because the destination of the trajectory we are on has a very bad ending. 
Debt as a % of GDP
This trend line is frightening. It can not go up forever, it is going towards a cliff. Once we reach the point of no return, the only way out is over the cliff. We can, however, turn it around it’s not too late.
Interest as a % of GDP
The lifeline has been low-interest rates. If this line changes direction, we are in for some very bad economic times. We can face the music now, and start being responsible with the government treasure or we can face the consequences later.
Bring Congress Home
In the 21st century, we can talk face to face over a cell phone to anyone in the world. So why does Congress need to be located in Washington DC? Congressional members should be closer to the people they represent than the 100,000 lobbyists of special interest located in Washington. Senators should have offices in their state capitals and representatives should have offices in their districts. Then congress would telecommute to Washington DC.

Let’s drain the swamp!
Defense and National Security
As a war veteran, I know first hand the value of overwhelming force and force multipliers in battle. There is no more dangerous career than what our men and women in uniform perform on our behalf every day. The unreasonable and foolish sequestration cuts by the Obama administration set the military back a decade or more in the development of arms necessary for combat in the 21st century. The 3.5% of GDP cost for the defense of our nation is completely reasonable and can be increased without straining the economy. I will always stand for adequately funding our men and women in the military in order for them to have substantial forces, weapons, and armament so they will decimate any enemy that dare stands against them. God bless our troops 
The climate is changing and has been since the planet was created and it will continue to change until the planet is consumed by the sun. Human’s have placed a large amount of CO2 in the atmosphere this is a fact. However, the IPCC predicted effects from this carbon have failed to materialize. There are many reasons for this but the biggest reason is called feedbacks. Fluid dynamics are extremely hard to calculate, and the atmosphere is full of fluid dynamics. Feedbacks are responses to changing dynamics, ie if CO2 goes up how does that affect other feedbacks. The IPCC models way overestimated the effects of the feedbacks, in particular, the feedback of H2O. However skeptics models that used much lower feedback effects have been fairly accurate. One thing we know for sure, the natural state of our planet is frozen. We have been in a very long interglacial period. If history repeats itself, and there’s no reason to believe it won’t, we are headed for an ice age not a meltdown.  

Unfortunately, the environment has become politicized. The socialist attempted to pass a cap and trade bill that would force carbon credits to be traded much the same as stock. If you followed the money you could see that it was all self-serving. The people that owned the climate exchange were George Soros, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Valerie Jarret, and the AFL-CIO.

But what about green energy? Again that was one of the greatest farces perpetrated on America. When you followed the money trail for windmills and solar plants you found companies that donated heavily to the democrat party. Taxpayers paid billions of dollars to these companies that went bankrupt right and left, but made big donations to the extreme leftist. The greatest tragedy to the environment are the windmills. They are killing endangered species of birds at an alarming rate. So what did the socialist democrat party do about it? Barack Obama gave them a license to kill the endangered species.

I will support an environmental agency that sets and enforces standards, not one that plays and funds politics.
Fair Tax
The fair tax is simply the fairest and greatest vehicle of taxation for both the people and the government. It is reported that Arthur Laffer laid out the now famous Laffer curve on a dinner napkin. He postulated that there is a peak point of taxation that generates the greatest private economy and fully funds the government.  If you tax at too high of a rate you slow the economy. If you tax at too low of a rate the government can not function. The only problem is, that point is unobtainable because of the 100+ taxes we pay. The fair tax wipes out all those other taxes and replaces with a simple sales tax.
How it Works:

The Fair tax is a 31% sales tax charged at the register when you buy retail goods. It provides a prebate equal to the amount of tax a person would pay if they spent the amount of money for people at the poverty level. So if poverty level was $2000.00 a month, an individual would receive a check at the beginning of the month in the amount of $2000 x 31% = $620. So no one pays any tax until their spending exceeds poverty. The fair tax has so many benefits I can’t list them all here, but here’s a few.
Provides Greater Buying Power for the Poor:
The prebate eliminates all taxes for anyone living in poverty. Which means all their money goes toward their necessities increasing their buying power. The second and probably the greatest benefit is the Fair Tax ends the highly regressive taxes of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid while the benefit remains in place. The benefits are funded by the progressive Fair Tax instead of the current highly regressive tax deductions. Nothing is taken out of your paycheck. You get every penny you earn.
Levels the Playing Field for Small Businesses;
Currently, the complicated tax code is a barrier to small business entry. The large corporations also have an army of tax accountants and attorney’s, which is out of reach of small businesses. This results in an unfair advantage for large corporations over small businesses. We know when small businesses thrive our economy prospers. Under the Fair Tax, there is no corporate tax, this puts small business on the same footing as large corporations. It puts our domestic businesses on the same footing as foreign made products. In a nutshell, the Fair Tax will be the greatest economic boom that this country will have ever experienced.  
Flexible Savings Accounts
Subsidize the individual not the institution that’s my plan.   The lowest overhead and most efficient system is when the consumer pays the provider directly. Anytime, no matter if it is private or public, a third party enters the picture costs go up, efficiency, and quality goes down. 

Enter the Flexible Savings Accounts. A vehicle that can serve for a lifetime of major cost coverage. A FSA would receive an initial amount every month from the Federal government.  It also would accept money from the individual, employers, charities, families, and friends. The account structure would be determined by the individual and have multiple purposes; medical, educational, and retirement.

The account would be initiated at birth. A parent would oversee a minor child’s accountant. The account initially would be used for medical expense. As a person enters school age, the account would be used for school expenses and school choice. Always putting a small amount away for the future. As young adults the account would fund further education either in college or a skilled trade school. Through the working years it would be used for healthcare and investing toward retirement. In the later years the account would cover retirement. Over a lifetime a person saving $200/month compounded yearly would acquire millions of dollars by age 65.

How would it be paid for? The HHS budget is $1.3T dollars, the Social Security budget is over $1T dollars and the department of education outlay is $70B dollars. Combining the three we have a total outlay of $2.37T dollars. That’s about $7,292. Imagine if every man woman and child received that amount annually in a Flexible Savings Account which could be used for health, education, and retirement. 

The Flexible Savings Account is the perfect vehicle to subsidize the individual, not the institution. The institutions will be funded when the people spend their money. 
Health Care and Entitlements
Health care is one of the greatest challenges we are facing. How do we create a health care plan that is secure, available, and affordable? The answer lies in free market competition. Social security, Medicare and Medicaid currently have over $100 trillion unfunded liability. Anyone can look at this and know that funding this is impossible, but no one is willing to tell the King is wearing no clothes. It doesn’t have to be this way. Introducing the Flexible Savings Account.

FSA is an account created for you that is held in an interest-bearing accounts. Individuals can use the money in the account to pay for medical care, prescriptions, vision, and dental. You receive a debit card and use it to pay for health insurance of your choice or pay your health care provider directly in cash. 
Immigration wasn’t broke until the democrats broke it. Under LBJ with a filibuster proof democrat senate and house they killed The Mexican Farm Labor Agreement (Bracero). The agreement provided for legal immigrant workers to enter and work in America. It guaranteed immigrants decent living conditions (sanitation, adequate shelter, and food) and a minimum wage. The program was ended by the democrats because of the influence of the American Farm Workers Union and Cesar Chavez.

Chavez and the Union claimed it would help American Farm workers wages. 
A 2018 study published in the American Economic Review found that the Bracero program did not have any adverse impact on the labor market outcomes of American-born farm workers. The end of the Bracero program did not raise wages or employment for American-born farm workers. Once again the socialist democrats fail to produce on their promises.

So how do we fix immigration?

Secure the Borders: A nation can not be a sovereign nation without secure borders. The socialist democrats resistance to this is absolutely vile and abhorrent to a free America. If it takes a wall to secure our southern border, then build the wall.

Establish a simplified work visa: The success of President Trump’s economic plans have created more jobs than there are people to fill them. We need to establish a work visa program that is simple for the employer, the immigrant, and the government. One that allows accountability, decent living condition, and a minimum wage. The program would be driven by the need for skilled labor, unskilled labor and professional people.  

 Simplify the employment-based and investment based immigration program: It is to every citizen’s advantage to bring highly skilled, educated, and wealthy immigrants to America. From Doctors to Scientist to Engineers we need highly educated and skilled professionals. We need investment in America especially in areas of low opportunity zones as established by President’s Trump Tax Cut and Jobs Act. Let people of means immigrate to those areas and invest their capital to lift impoverished areas out of poverty.
Right to Life
The single right that all other rights depend upon is the right to live. Once we have encroached that right we are no longer a country of human rights. Abortion and euthanasia are the greatest threats to human rights. Sadly they are targeted more at minorities as well. In New York, more African American children die at the hands of abortionist than are born alive. This genocide must stop, and it is up to us to stop it. The reasons for abortion below come from Florida where it is required to give a reason for every abortion.
Adoption not Abortion
The GAO has reported more than $1.5 billion of tax dollars goes to abortion providers. What would be the impact if we simply diverted that money to adoption providers?
Abortion isn’t Health Care

Alan F. Guttmacher, M.D., “the father of Planned Parenthood”: said “Today it is possible for almost any patient to be brought through pregnancy alive, unless she suffers from a fatal illness , abortion would be unlikely to prolong, much less save, life.”

No Reason for Abortion
Percentage                     Reason
.001%                               Incest
.065%                               Mother’s life
.085%                               Rape
.288%                               Mother’s Health
.294%       Mother’s psychological health
.666%                            Fetal Abnormality
6.268%                        Social or Economic
92.330%                    No reason (elective)
Tribal Relations
I believe each tribe, with its own government and rights, should be honored and respected. Tribes should work mutually with the states and the federal government to maintain the integrity of their heritage, culture and legal rights. I also believe the federal government must comply with its trust and treaty obligation. That requires Washington to appropriately fund healthcare, education, infrastructure and law enforcement in Indian Country. 
Veteran Affairs
Veterans signed a check cashable by the United States of America for up to and including their life, which many paid that price. Veterans gave America their best, and we should give them our very best as well. Veterans benefits should never be unstable or based on administrations that come and go. Instead, we need to have a contract with veterans that is concrete and enforceable for the veteran’s sake. We need to provide veterans, especially disabled veterans, with guaranteed benefits. Veteran benefits under the Flexible Savings Account would include the following; 

  •  An additional allotment for health care. This allotment should be sufficient to have a balance at the end of twenty years service that is self-sustaining. The account should produce enough income to pay for a high deductible health care policy and have sufficient income to cover the deductible year over year.
  • An additional allotment for education. This allotment should be sufficient to cover the normal cost of a college education, tech, or trade school. It can be used to pay school loans that were incurred before entering the service.
  • An additional allotment for retirement. This allotment is an amount sufficient to fund the account to fund it to a level to pay the veteran an amount equal to half pay at twenty years.
  • Disabled veterans will receive additional amounts based on the extent of their disability.    
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