David Greene
The Lean Mean Freedom Fighting Machine
My Early Years
Born in 1959 to two of the most wonderful parents a child could have. I grew up in the city until age 8 then moved to the country. We lived in the Kanawha Valley in West Virginia. It was known as the chemical kingdom of the world. Chemical plants lined both banks up and down the Kanawha River. I saw pollution first hand, and I saw the cessation of pollution as well.

I was blessed by tremendous teachers, two in particular, I will tell about. The science and math teacher at Hurricane High School took a janitors closet, cleaned it out and made a classroom that held ten of us I think it was. They brought some of us in that were handling advanced science and math better than others. They taught us at an advanced level. I think maybe they just wanted to get me out of the regular classrooms so I’d quit cutting up so much. Whatever the reason I was blessed by wonderful educators. I graduated with good grades and the mathematics award.  
My College Years
After High School, I attended Marshal University. It was a few years after the plane crash if you watched ‘We are Marshall’. I was a dual major in Physics and Math (that wasn’t unusual for physics majors to have the second major) I learned a lot in college, not all in the classroom. I was six hours from both my Physics and Math degrees when I ran out of money. So I joined the military and promised myself I would go back and finish, a promise I never kept. 
My Military Career
I started my military career in the West Virginia Air National Guard. Being around airplanes seemed to be a good fit for me. So I enlisted into active duty. 
My first duty station was Homestead Air Force base in Florida. The sand and the sun, the ocean with a boat, it was a dream assignment. While there I was awarded airman of the month three times and the maintenance professional of the year. The reward for the Maintenance professional of the year was a flight in an F-4. Flying faster than the speed of sound and doing aerial acrobatics, I was hooked. As my job there was being phased out I had an opportunity to choose a new job, so I took to flying aboard the E-3 AWACS as a radar tech. 
Flying around the world on the nations most sophisticated surveillance airframe is a tremendous experience. Having the best crew to fly around the world with makes for a great life experience. We flew missions from Iceland to Puerto Rico and Saudi Arabia to Hawaii. We fought the nations wars, surveilled drug runners, and tested new procedures and hardware. It was a tremendous honor to serve this great nation. But all good things must come to an end, and my life was about to change. 
Movies, God and Coming Home
Seems like an odd title and an even stranger career path. While my military career in the reserves was winding down I started programming computers. I was writing front end applications for SAP software. Through this, I came to learn the inner workings of major corporations. 9/11 was going to change all of that. Our reserve unit was activated so I drove from Houston to Tinker AFB to report for duty.

We boarded an AWACS and I saw the strangest sight I have ever experienced, the skies were empty. Only the military planes under our control were flying. We covered the east coast mainly around Washington DC. It was a long flight from Tinker to Washington we would in air refuel twice before heading making it back home for a 14-hour flight. While the flights were long, there’s nowhere I would have rather been, our country had been attacked and it was up to us to make sure it did not happen again. The activation lasted through the second gulf war and we provided air surveillance of northern Iraq. Two years after being activated, we were deactivated.

The programming world had changed significantly while I was activated, everything had moved to the internet. So instead of going to school to get my programming skills up to date, I went to film school at Oklahoma City Community College. The program director was Fritz Kiersch, who directed Children of the Corn. The Artist in residence was Gray Frederickson who produced the Godfather movies, Apocalypse Now, and many more. While I was still a student they hired me on the first movie they produced in Oklahoma, “The Hunt” They hired me as a 2nd Assistant Director and I had never even been on a movie set. With a lot of coaching I made it through the production and all of a sudden I was a filmmaker.

Another opportunity in the film business was about to turn my world upside down. I got a call to help re-edit a film, so I went to the editing facility to check it out. I looked over the project and signed on to help re-edit Dinesh D’ Souza’s first film 2016: Obama’s America. I was about to learn what “fundamentally changing America” meant, and I did not like it. The country I loved, the country I had spent most of my life defending was under attack by collectivist. Dinesh changed more than my life, he changed my eternity as well. 

Working with Dinesh I started to have my eyes opened, so I got his books on apologetics and read them. Here was an intellectual making an iron clad case for the existence of God. I was raised in a Christian home and there was never a time I didn’t believe in God, but I certainly wasn’t walking in lock step with him, in fact, you could say I was a rebellious child or even the prodigal son. So with a new challenging look at God, I found myself going back to college days. While I was studying physics, Carl Sager was all the rage. He had said “the cosmos is all there is, all there ever was and all there ever will be” So I had to dust off my college books and see if science disproved God.

A journey that lasted several years, I finally had arrived at a point to know that there was no science that disproved God. In fact, it was quite the opposite, God is real. So sorry Carl Sagan but, “God is all there is, all there ever was and all there ever will be.” Once you arrive at the point, that there is no maybe about it, God is real, then life takes on a completely different point of view. I know now, my job in this life is to love as Christ has taught us to love. Galatians 5:1 tells us how we should live “For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” 
Why I am running for Congress
The collectivist, socialist whatever name they want to go by right now, are not out to expand Americans freedom. Just the opposite. The socialist want to fundamentally change America. That means taking away your liberties and making a ruling class enforced by the government. Have no doubt about it, the same people that idolized Hugo Chavez are moving forward to install the same type of government here. It only took a decade to move Venezuela from freedom to desperation. From the wealthiest country in South America to people starving in the streets.

The first step is they took their guns away. Just as the democrats never pass up a chance to destroy the 2nd amendment, so did Chavez. Then an unarmed populace was herded like sheep to the slaughter to the dire straits of poverty. The government took over the industry after industry and soon industries were failing. Now they can not even keep the lights on in the cities. This is why I will fight to teach democrats English, specifically “shall not be infringed” 

Once the second amendment is gone, the government will impose its will on the peasants. My stance on every issue is whatever empowers the people and limits the government. There is but one minority, the individual, and you are under attack. We are at a critical stage, we are faced with a choice of freedom or tyranny. I will fight for freedom, what will you choose?  

Join the Resistance; Stop Socialism Now
Only you can stop socialism. Join together with other patriots and freedom will prevail! Join now.